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Hello Advertising! Meet Domains.

Advertising in the connected age is not about the biggest budget anymore. Good marketing doesn’t shout, it tells a great story. Your ad is the headline of that story and keyword domain names connect people to where the story lives online.

Domains connect.

Keyword domain names connect your ads with the mind of the consumer and connect people to your landing pages. Buy our keyword domains and connect ad views to making more money online.

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Create Mindshare…



People trust and intuitively remember familiar words. Keywords create instant mindshare and dot-com means “Internet”.



Nothing to memorize, nothing to remember. One simple step from ad view to your content online, no matter what happens in-between.



No guessing, no errors, no detours via search. Just one easy step to get the ad viewer to the relevant page.

… everywhere.



Most people don’t click on ads even if they are interested. They will look for you later. Make sure they will be able to remember you, and find you fast.



Most consumers view your ad on the go. They have to memorize who you are and where to find you. Keywords are familiar and “sticky” words. Simple and intuitive pathways to find you directly. Use domains in your ads and make every ad view count.



Get better organic search results. Do better in paid search. Known or familiar URLs are trusted most. Get most of the clicks, even if you’re not in the top spot. The domain name matters in the eyes and minds of the consumer.

connect ad view to action

Mindshare. Simple. Direct.

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