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Still think advertising ends with the ad viewed?

Everything has changed. It’s not your dad’s ad world anymore, only with more channels now so that you can reach more people the same old way. That’s not how it works anymore. Not even close. Advertising is different now in the connected age. Automation promised golden times for advertising, with more and targeted views, but those views haven’t translated into more sales.

Consumer attention is the most precious commodity these days. Attention is not about the number of page views or clicks. It’s about connecting with consumers, but that only gets you halfway to making a sale.

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Make the connection

Create More Sales

So, how do you connect this precious attention of the busy consumer who is always on the move to your story online and create more sales?

Use keyword domain names. Keywords are familiar and memorable. That makes you familiar and memorable, and when people finally take the time to look for you, they will remember you and find your story in a single and simple step: recall and enter that familiar keyword followed by the most common and default extension.

Keyword domain names are powerful advertising assets that connect the people you have reached to making more money online. No other tool can so easily and intuitively connect your ad with the mind of the consumer and connect consumers to your stories online.

Finding new ideas in familiar places.

It’s a connected new world out there. Get the domains while you still can.

What's your Goal?

Are you capturing Attention or Paying Customers?

You have to align your advertising strategy with life in the connected age. People are always on the move, and they don’t stop and engage with you even when you capture their attention with your ads.

So, how do you stay on people’s minds after they view your ads – and countless other messages after that? How will they find your story online later, when they decide it’s time to learn more about what you have to tell them?

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Ad view to action

Connect them to your story online

Connecting attention to sales has to be intuitive, simple and memorable. We live in a fast new world where milliseconds count, where whole new industries are created just by saving a single step in people’s busy daily lives. People don’t want to start searching for you, they don’t want to take any extra steps to remember and find you.

You’re good at getting their attention. Now you have to connect them to making a purchase. Get the relevant keyword domains, connect your ads to the minds of the people, and connect consumers to your story online.

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