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Takaful & Finance Domains

Takaful, the waking giant. It’s more than just insurance for the other 2 Billion. It’s a mutual insurance model that is the future of insurance anywhere. Insurance for all, peer-to-peer coverage that can be leveraged with technology to finally break the century-old expensive and cumbersome insurance models that are still in use. Done right, this could be the future model of insurance on the Blockchain. Secure the domains and position your marketing and recognition at the leading edge of these exciting possibilities.

New, and by its nature more ethical than conventional models, the Islamic finance sector brings exciting new product lines to banking and investing. The domains listed for this category focus on consumer products like leasing and financing.

Halal Domain Names

The Halal Economy will provide unprecedented growth opportunities by capturing the market for billions of new consumers. The Halal Economy is being developed and marketed as providing a level of quality and purity that will also make it reach far beyond the muslim world. Secure the domains of some of the fastest growing sectors of this halal economic powerhouse.

Everything Else

Loose ends and odds that don’t fit the bigger categories, but nevertheless premium in nature. Most of these domains have a high recognition value and some hold strong familiarity for a few Billion people across the globe who are joining the internet and online commerce at an ever growing rate.

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